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Welcome to Metrowest Healthcare Academy

We are an independent, post-secondary, vocational institution in Framingham, Massachusetts. We offer superior training for Medical Assistants, Medical Administrative Assistants, Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides. If you are looking to enter a fast growing, fast paced industry or to further your career in the healthcare field, you are about to embark on a challenging and exciting journey.

It is our goal to develop dreamers and achievers. We aim to create graduates that are commended for excellence in the field. With this, we strive to create a competent but open environment that encourages them to be the best in their chosen field.

Be one of our luminary students today and find a spot in the ever-demanded jobs in healthcare. Metrowest Healthcare Academy offers a licentiate certification (non-degree) program involving various content courses and ideally, lab works to expose students to hands-on, simulated work environment. Upon completion of the courses, students receive their well-deserved diplomas and a novel entry opportunity to the job market.

We have classified topnotch faculty and state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to helping you earn your place in the industry. While you are currently attached to your current commitments, we can help you work around your busy schedule to attend training classes and earn a meaningful day after every session. In less than a year, you will find your way to a new career in a short span of time.

Patient-caregiver approach is the key to understanding and getting success in every patient’s care. This is not easy, and certainly, the pressure is placed upon the caregiver. As one, you are expected to be highly skilled in delivering allowable skilled care. You must also possess a wide knowledge on basic personal attention, patient handling and technical know-how. As an allied healthcare professional, it is expected of you to be reliable and knowledgeable in your chosen field. At Metrowest Healthcare Academy, we will bring out your natural capabilities to excel. Our courses are aimed at making you well-versed in your field of choice, helping you connect and concede to the calling of touching lives.

Despite the current turbulence in the country’s economy, certain jobs remain at the high
charts of demand, one of which is healthcare service. Yet, even when demands continue to rise, there are a very limited few who practice and actually live up to the calling of human service. We invite you to be part of those who respond to this need today. Metrowest Healthcare Academy offers you an opportunity to grow service-oriented skills necessary to lead your career to success – a dynamic education along with value enhancement integration systems.

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